Murder in Mystic Cove

Guarding the manicured wilds of an exclusive retirement community might seem like exile to a homicide cop. But Addie Gorsky moved to Florida to live with her ailing father, not to chase criminals. In fact, her new job as head of Mystic Cove security is a nice break from all the big-city bloodshed.

But when the community’s most despised resident is found dead in his tricked-out golf cart, Addie’s ready for action. The local cops focus on the obvious suspect—the unhappy wife—but Addie knows there’s more to the story. When the sheriff asks for assistance, she can’t resist. Only the deeper she digs, the more questions she turns up.

Surrounded by secretive, tight-lipped residents, Addie soon finds herself hip-deep in a mystery as tangled as cypress roots—and directly in the sights of a cool, clever killer who has no compunction about killing again.

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Praise for Murder in Mystic Cove:




“I really enjoyed this neat little mystery about Addie, a former Baltimore cop who now works as a security guard at a Florida retirement community. The characters are well-written, and the twists and turns in the mystery left me constantly guessing.”

“I downloaded this book because it was discounted. It was actually a very good mystery. In fact, it surprised me more than once . . . . but Daryl Anderson surprised me twice….deftly weaving in small details previously mentioned and showing how they were major factors in the solving of the mystery.”

“Sleepy Florida town, sleepy inhabitants, and secrets long buried stirring together create this good book’s appeal. Weaving thru lies and clues Addie struggles to unravel motive, as means and opportunity slowly reveal the options. Solutions remain hidden until the end of her disgraceful firing and then all is set right…as it should be…so the sequel has firm foundation. And there really has to be one.”


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