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PI Addie Gorsky is still struggling with her father’s death when her friend Moss asks her to investigate the sudden death of his niece Elena Santos, who died minutes after being discharged from Tender Mercies Psychiatric, one of the darker places in the Sunshine State.

Although Elena’s death appears natural,  when a second death occurs, Addie soon finds herself in a deadly chess match with an unseen opponent, a grandmaster of murder who is always a step ahead.

Somehow Addie must find a way to defeat this ruthless killer before another life is lost.


CARINA_0415_9781426899874_DeathChinaRose (1)

When Harry Pitts—owner of the rundown China Rose Fish Camp—is beaten to death in his home, the bloody scene suggests a frenzied, random act of violence. But PI Addie Gorsky believes the crime is connected to another case—the disappearance of Harry’s daughter eleven years ago.

All murders begin in the past, but Addie soon realizes that this case is rooted in old Florida, back in the time of wily pirates and proud conquistadors, and the trove of treasure that legend claims is buried in this backwater.

Addie dives headfirst into the wild heart of China Rose, surrounded by grinning gators, killer bees and gaping cottonmouths. But these predators pale in comparison to the cunning two-legged killer Addie is hunting…and who soon begins hunting her.

In this swamp of double-dealing, almost everyone has an agenda.

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Murder in Mystic CoveGuarding the manicured wilds of an exclusive retirement community might seem like exile to a homicide cop. But Addie Gorsky moved to Florida to live with her ailing father, not to chase criminals. In fact, her new job as head of Mystic Cove security is a nice break from all the big-city bloodshed.

But when the community’s most despised resident is found dead in his tricked-out golf cart, Addie’s ready for action. The local cops focus on the obvious suspect—the unhappy wife—but Addie knows there’s more to the story. When the sheriff asks for assistance, she can’t resist. Only the deeper she digs, the more questions she turns up.

Surrounded by secretive, tight-lipped residents, Addie soon finds herself hip-deep in a mystery as tangled as cypress roots—and directly in the sights of a cool, clever killer who has no compunction about killing again…

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