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Daryl Anderson is a mystery novelist living in Gainesville, Florida with her husband, a geriatric basset hound mix and a playful pup of undetermined heritage.











Daryl was born in Baltimore, Maryland and might have lived out her days in Charm City, but life threw a curveball. To her surprise, shortly after high school, she found herself in the steamy wonderland of Miami, Florida.

At the time Daryl took a stab at college, but it didn’t stick. She worked a succession of mostly low-paying, high-stress jobs. Life wasn’t bad, but neither was it good.  As a single mother, Daryl returned to school, eventually earning a Master of Arts in English from the University of Florida. She spent many contented years teaching English, until discontent again crept in. This time around, she thought nursing might be fun.

After nursing school Daryl worked in a Crisis Stabilization Unit. Initially psych nursing was a good fit, but when it started to get too crazy, it was time for another change. At her husband’s suggestion, she tried writing, and that changed everything.

Nowadays she spends most of her time writing and thinking about murder. When not contemplating homicide, she enjoys urban farming, vegetarian cooking and cycling.





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3 Responses to Author’s Biography

  1. h nicole anderson says:

    “When not contemplating homicide…” I hope you mean this in a literary way only.

    When is the hard copy going to be available?

    • says:

      My interest in murder in mostly literary, but there are times…

      I don’t have a firm date yet for the hard copy of Murder in Mystic Cove–I’ll post it as soon as I know. I should be getting some author copies and would love to send you a copy, if you like.

      Hell, I’ll even autograph it!

      • h nicole anderson says:

        Thank you, I want to get it for my significant other’s birthday. (We also have tickets to see Bob Dylan at the Paramount Theater) but this would be a wonderful surprise! Her birthday is October 25th. Maybe she might have to wait until Christmas? 🙂

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