A Good Day


It’s a red letter day for me—today my debut novel Murder in Mystic Cove is published at last.

It was nearly a year ago to the day when I got the call that every aspiring writer dreams of.

“Hello?” I didn’t bother to sound polite. I’d had a bad day. I had a hell of a headache. I’d realized that the holidays were almost there and I wasn’t ready. And despite being on the no-call list, every telemarketer in India was calling me nonstop. So when the phone rang again I was loaded for bear.

A little hesitation and a female voice asked, “Is this Mary Anderson?”

“Yeah.” Now I was worried. My first name is Mary, but everyone except for cops and bill collectors called me Daryl. Which was this? But then I remembered that I hadn’t broken any laws lately and there were no overdue bills. “What’s this about?” I asked.

“It’s about your novel Murder in Mystic Cove.”

“Novel?” I croaked.

The woman on the phone was Angela James at Carina Press. It seemed that on my manuscript, I’d transposed a couple of numbers in my phone number, which, as luck would have it, belonged to another Mary Anderson. After a confused conversation with my doppelganger, Angela located the correct number elsewhere, and the call was made.

I felt like a dope for the stupid mistake, but I was a happy dope. My novel was going to be published!

When the euphoria wore off, I started worrying. You see, I tend to walk on the dark side of the road—not a bad quality in a mystery writer–and given half a chance, I’ll imagine the worst. So I grew anxious about the editing process. What was that like anyway? And what if I couldn’t deliver the goods? What then?

But for once my fears were unfounded. With the help of my wonderful editor Deb Nemeth and all the people at Carina Press the experience was overwhelmingly positive.

And now when I tell people that I’m a writer, I don’t have to add, “Well, I’m hoping to be published soon.”

I just grin and say that my debut novel Murder in Mystic Cove is now available.

Murder in Mystic Cove

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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